Whipps Cross Survey - Transport

Update: June 6th

Many thanks to all who responded to our transport survey concerning travel to and from the anticipated redeveloped Whipps Cross Hospital.

Waltham Forest Council have now received an outline planning application for the new hospital and are consulting on it. We have responded incorporating as far as possible the comments that you made to us - many of which concerned the bus services from Redbridge to Whipps.

Details of our response are here

If you would like to comment directly, go to Waltham Forest Council's website WF Planning Portal and input ref 211244 or 211245. Warning - there are a lot of documents!

Please keep us in touch with any further views you may have about the redevelopment of Whipps.


Original request for responses

Barts Health NHS Trust is currently consulting on a major redevelopment of Whipps Cross, our local hospital.

But Redbridge residents are not being heard! 

Whipps Cross Hospital Road

At least a quarter of Whipps’ patients come from Redbridge. 

Yet Barts Trust officials have said they have struggled to engage with Redbridge Council.

And unlike Waltham Forest, Redbridge is not a partner with Barts

So we are asking you for your views about one of the key issues the trust is looking at - transport to and from the Hospital.

We’ll feed your views directly in to the Trust!

Survey link removed!
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