We must do more to help walkers and cyclists

Redbridge Lib Dem chair, Chris Pallet, argues the council needs to do more for walkers and cyclists.

During the lockdown we have all noticed how pleasant it is to walk and cycle around with fewer vehicles on the road.  Do we have to go back to car filled roads as lock down lifts? I hope not - but that will mean getting serious about moving away from cars. 


That doesn’t mean it’s wrong to drive a car of course. Many of us need to drive at some point (myself included) and some people need to drive everyday for work and other essential travel.  But the fact is vehicles bring a high cost in terms of noise, accidents and air pollution. And everyone pays this price - whether they drive or not.  In contrast, walking and cycling bring big benefits to the walker or cyclist at no cost to the wider community. 

The council must do more to support walkers and cyclists. That means both redesigning streets in their interests, and getting serious about reducing and enforcing speed limits for cars.  Redbridge has moved at a snail’s pace so far. It is clear that other boroughs take this far more seriously.

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