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Welcome to the August e Focus from the Wanstead Lib Dem team. 

If you have stories or issues you think we should cover in future editions, we would love to hear from you. You can find our contact details at the end.

Where does all the water go? Wanstead’s flooding crises

Sunday 25th July saw unprecedented rainfall in Wanstead. Nearly 5cm of water fell in just 1 hour. Heavy rainfall in July is not unusual, but it came on the back of days with 30+ degree heat. Extreme weather events like this will likely become more frequent as climate change takes hold. We need to be honest and we are calling on our Council to commit to three key areas:

- Ensure street drains are cleaned.

- Encourage the use and protection of front gardens. Concreted fronts add to increased flooding as water has nowhere to go.

- Protect our green spaces and plant more trees to soak up excess water.

We call on Thames Water to ensure that drains are adequate to future predicted rainfall. 

Councils new £2 million coffee kiosk – value for money?

Redbridge Council’s Vision Group are planning to spend “up to £2 million” on a new shipping container kiosk for Christ Church Green in Wanstead. Due for installation this autumn, this costly kiosk will sit directly in the centre of a conservation area. We have a number of questions. 

How can a 'shipping container' kiosk cost so much?

Is the design in accordance with Wanstead’s status as a conservation area?

Have Vision addressed local resident’s concerns over litter, graffiti and noise?

Whilst there are potentially positive aspects to this proposal, we are concerned by the lack of clarity over costs and design and lack of consideration of local resident's concerns.

Wanstead Lib Dem campaigner Scott Wilding says; "with 110 objections to this scheme the proposed kiosk its design should be rethought by the Council. We continue to seek clarity on the projects costs".

Speeding on Hermon Hill - Petition 

Residents have launched a petition urging the council to take urgent action to tackle speeding on the Hermon Hill. This follows a serious crash at the junction of Hermon Hill and Wanstead High street in late June. Wanstead Lib Dems are calling on the council to act without delay. 

Sign our petition to bring back Local Area Committees 

One of the first things Labour did after coming to power in Redbridge was to make it less democratic by scrapping Local Area Committees. These committees gave local people real decision-making power over how money was spent in their area. We believe people should be given more (not less) say. We seek a return to Local Area Committees which empower people to make the decisions that affect them most. If you have not already done so, please add your name here and support our campaign.

Meet a member of Wanstead Lib Dems - Chris Pallet


How long have you lived in the ward? Since 2017. I grew up in Aldersbrook and South Woodford and went to school at Snaresbrook Primary and then Wanstead High.  

Why the Lib Dems? They are the party that consistently voice my values and priorities - internationalism, fairness, urgent action on climate change, affordable housing, a fairer voting system and sorting out funding of social care. Education is also something I care a lot about (I am a primary school teacher). 

What change do you want to see locally?  As a keen cyclist, I would like to see more done to make our streets safer for pedestrians and cyclists. There are so many benefits for people's health and the environment, but Redbridge really lags behind other boroughs. The latest Healthy Streets Scorecard for Redbridge is proof of that. 

Thinking about joining the Lib Dems?

Did you know you can join the Lib Dems as a member or a supporter? Members pay a minimum of £1 a month and supporters can register for free. Wanstead member Jack Fleming says, "I am proud to be a member of a political party that really believes in local democracy, electoral reform and taking the climate crisis seriously.  I also like being part of a community of people in Wanstead that share my values.  You can find out more about joining the Lib Dems here.

Stay well and we look forward to hearing from you soon,

Crispin, Scott, Neil and the Wanstead Lib Dem team.

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