The Remain Option

Mark Johnson, our candidate in Ilford North, says the upcoming General Election leaves voters with two choices: to vote for parties that would see us crash out of the EU or to vote for one that would stop what would undoubtedly be a damaging step for our country.
The Borough of Redbridge voted remain and it is vital that the voices of those who did so are heard. On too many occasions Jeremy Corbyn's eurosceptic past has come back to haunt what was once a progressive and internationalist Party. 
The Labour Party's position on Brexit remains constructive ambiguity at best. The Party's policy is to negotiate a "credible leave option", which Labour say they would then put to the people in a second referendum where they may or may not campaign for it. 
If you want to stop Brexit there is a fair and democratic way out. It is to vote Lib Dem in the coming General Election.
Mark Johnson, Liberal Democrat Prospective Parliamentary Candidate for Ilford North  

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