The Only Voice of Remain

Now that the election has been called people in Chingford and Woodford Green are asking our parliamentary candidate, Geoff Seeff, why the LibDems won’t stand down and give Labour a clear run at the obsessed Tory Brexiteer that is the present incumbent of the seat. Here he gives 6 very good reasons:-

1. The Labour candidate, a hard left acolyte of Corbyn, is, from the evidence of her various articles and pronouncements, pro-Brexit. This means that the 50.3% of the Chingford and Woodford Green electorate that voted Remain in the 2016 referendum, would have no one to speak for them and no one to vote for. That absence would be exacerbated if a Brexit party candidate emerges so voters’ choice would only otherwise be between three Brexiteers.

2. The Labour candidate has herself admitted in a TV interview that her party’s policy of renegotiation with the EU followed by a referendum on its deal “is a little confusing”. Something of an understatement. Moreover, it is clear that such a process, if feasible, could take any more years, prolonging the costs and uncertainty. The high vote for Labour in 2017 was an aberration - people erroneously believed that Labour was going to stop Brexit if they won power. How wrong they were. They won’t make that mistake again.

3. Better guides to the LibDem prospects for the constituency are the European Elections of last May, in which our vote across London beat both Labour and Tories, and the registered support that grows daily for our unequivocal policy of a referendum on the Johnson deal or revocation of Article 50 if we secure a majority.

4 . There are groups of voters in the constituency who would never under any circumstances vote Labour under the leadership of Corbyn and groups who would never under any circumstances vote Tory under the leadership of Johnson. Neither is thought trustworthy on a range of issues and recent polls show that amongst Remainers and regardless of affiliation, Jo Swinson has an approval rating +13% whereas the other two are rated -33% and -67% respectively.

5. Labour has not offered to stand down in key seats that Liberal Democrats are fighting – it advocates tactical voting but only if it benefits Labour.

6. Brexit aside, we offer a distinctive range of innovative policies for a sustainable economy, funding the health service and support for the development and application of new technologies in preventative healthcare and environmental protection.

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