The Liberal Democrats have now selected their candidates for the Loxford and Seven Kings By Elections in May.

Mohammed Uddin is our candidate in Loxford. Mohammed has lived in Redbridge since 2015 and has been a community and social activist for over 40 years. Naveed Akbar, who has lived in Redbridge since 2000, will be standing in Seven Kings. He has previously stood as a Liberal Democrat candidate in East London.


Mohammed Uddin is our candidate in Loxford:

Mohammed is currently President of Redbridge Community Trust (a voluntary Bangladeshi organisation). A committed Liberal Democrat, Mohammed says: “I particularly want to improve the environment in Loxford, which has faced many challenges over the years. There is a lot of work that needs to be done and my language skills will enable me to work with the local residents in areas such as housing and social services.”



Naveed Akbar will be standing in Seven Kings:

Having actively engaged in community work in the past, Naveed says: “I am standing in Seven Kings to help build a better society for the people of Seven Kings. I also wish to restore local democracy to the area and give the people a chance to have a say over issues that affect them. It is very disappointing that this Labour Council has consistently eroded opportunities for local consultation and this is something that must change.”

Apart from his track record of enthusiastic social work in the community (for which he has won community awards, including one presented at the House of Commons), Naveed is also a journalist contributing to various media outlets.

With its large majority, the Labour Council has neglected the communities that it is supposed to serve. Gwyneth Deakins, Chair of Redbridge Liberal Democrats said: “Redbridge deserves better than we have seen under this Labour administration. We want to restore local democracy by bringing back Area Committees, improve the environment in Redbridge by, for example, setting new standards for housing, and do more to help local communities through these difficult times.”




"Fighting for a fairer future & for more powers for the people of Redbridge".

Mark Twitchett (Editor)
Redbridge Liberal Democrats Membership Officer

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