THE HEALTHY STREETS SCORECARD - Redbridge is near the bottom


The Healthy Streets scorecard shows the health of each borough’s streets by looking at four key ‘outcome’ indicators:

  • The proportion of trips made by ‘sustainable modes’ (walking, cycling, public transport)

  • Active travel rate (the proportion of residents walking or cycling more than five times a week)

  • Collisions resulting in serious or fatal injuries for active travellers, per million journey stages

  • Car ownership rates, to ascertain the level of reliance on cars.

The Scorecard also shows to what extent councils are putting in place five key measures (or ‘input’ indicators) which can help to deliver 'Healthy Streets', often with dramatic results:

  • Low traffic neighbourhood schemes

  • 20mph speed limits

  • Controlled Parking Zones (CPZs)

  • Physically protected cycle tracks

  • School provision, including 'School Streets' and STARS scheme

Inner London Boroughs tend to do better because car ownership is lower but also because many have more aggressive policies to support sustainability.

Overall, Redbridge came second from the bottom with little sign of improvement compared with 2019. It scored particularly badly on the amount of active (i.e. non-car) travelling and also on accidents between cars and pedestrians/cyclists. Not surprisingly, car ownership rates were higher than the average for London.

In relation to the key measures, Redbridge performed particularly poorly for low traffic neighbourhood schemes and controlled parking but was also poor for protected cycle tracks. The only areas where the Borough scored relatively well was in relation to school provision.

The coalition of groups behind the scorecard has pointed out that there is a huge amount that boroughs could do to rapidly deliver substantial change, even within restricted budgets - including introducing/further developing:

  • Low Traffic Neighbourhoods

  • 20mph speed limits

  • Controlled parking zones

  • Protected cycle lanes on main roads

  • Traffic-free streets around schools, and safe walking and cycling routes to school

We, in the Liberal Democrats, support initiatives to make our streets healthier and safer for pedestrians and cyclists and will be identifying areas of the Borough where more can be done. Churchfields is one of these and ideas from residents will be welcomed.

Please contact us with your views and suggestions for making our streets safer: [email protected] Best wishes, Martin.

Martin Rosner (Churchfields Liberal Democrats): 30 June 2020

Dr. Mark Twitchett (Ed.)


On behalf of:

Dr. Mark Twitchett, Martin Rosner & Gwyneth Deakins: Churchfields Focus Team

- Fighting for a fairer future & for more powers for the people of Redbridge -



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