The A level Results Shambles – An Update

Many local young people will have been affected by the shambles over A level results. An article by Martin Rosner (Churchfields).
We commented:
 “The grade outcomes that have been announced are simply unbelievable, which suggests incompetence or worse at the highest possible level. The complacency of the Prime Minister, the Education Secretary and OFQUAL - and their refusal to admit that they got it wrong - is a national scandal. [...] These outcomes could well affect the life chances of many thousands of highly committed and dedicated students.”


We immediately demanded the following:
  • Prompt action to put things right, perhaps as in Scotland
  • An prompt review of results from schools and colleges where the outcomes are lower than expected, based on three year trends
  • A pledge from universities that they will honour predicted grades in confirming offers
  • A more comprehensive review to find out how they got it so wrong


The announcement made on the 17th August, albeit belatedly, addresses the first action and makes the second one unnecessary. It is good to hear that GCSE results will now be based on teacher assessed grades. Unfortunately, this scandal has resulted in many thousands of students losing their first choice university place, especially in the elite universities, which have offered those places to other students. These universities have arguably acted precipitately. Indeed, some argue that they are full - because the Government has put a cap on places.


Although the Government has now removed this cap to allow students who have achieved their target grades to go to their first choice university (wherever possible), many will not get their first choice. Boris Johnson said that the system was “robust” (which it was not) and Gavin Williamson said at the weekend that the system would not change. We can hardly expect Johnson to resign but Williamson’s position is untenable - as is that of the OFQUAL Chief Executive. Both should go.


Please let us know if any of your family has been affected by this issue.

Martin Rosner: 21 August 2020

Dr. Mark Twitchett (Ed.)

Martin Rosner, Dr. Mark Twitchett & Gwyneth Deakins: Churchfields Focus Team

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