The 2019 election and why our electoral system is broken

Here are some positive aspects of the 2019 election results for the Lib Dems and some reflections on our unfair voting system. 

The Liberal Democrat share of the vote nationally went up by 4.2%, the Conservative share by way of contrast went up by only 1.2%.

- We had the largest percentage vote share increase in 266 seats.

- We gained 1.2 million votes and our share of the vote increased in every region of the UK.

Despite this, we now have one seat less than in 2017. Under a proportional representation system, we would now have 84 MPs. This is one of the greatest barriers that needs to be overcome. To elect 1 MP under our 'First Past The Post' system requires the following number of votes, on average:

Conservatives: 38,265 Labour: 50,837 Lib Dems: 336,038.

Our electoral system is no longer fit for purpose.

Mark Twitchett is Redbridge Lib Dems Membership secretary

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