Recycling is back - now make it better

Recycling is back ...

In the second half of May, Redbridge restarted recycling and green waste collections after services were halted because of the pandemic. This is welcome news and the staff who collect our rubbish, recycling and green waste deserve our gratitude for the job they do so well. 


Did services have to be suspended in the first place? We understand that these were not ordinary times. But neighbouring boroughs like Waltham Forest managed to continue the service throughout...

Now that services have resumed, we all need to make sure we are separating materials so that paper and cardboard go in one box and everything else goes in the other. This is so that the council collection teams don’t have to separate it themselves, which carries a risk of infection. 

... now Redbridge needs to get better.

Redbridge ranked a poor 28th out of 33 London boroughs in 2017/18 for recycling, with a recycling rate of just 24%. In contrast, Bexley achieved an impressive 52%.

We think Labour-run Redbridge needs to get serious about recycling. Why can other London boroughs do so much better than us? We'd like to see the council come up with a plan to get us in the top 10 percent of London boroughs.

Here are some suggestions for starters. Redbridge council only recycles a limited range of plastics. Lets increase that. We have no provision for the collection of food waste. Let's look at that too. What about doing more to encourage people to compost at home? Lets have more information to people about how we can all do better when it comes to recycling more and throwing away less.

With a bit more determination and imagination, we can have a recycling record to be proud of in the future. 

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