Recycling is back - now make it better

Recycling is back ...

In the second half of May, Redbridge restarted recycling and green waste collections after services were halted because of the pandemic. This is welcome news and the staff who collect our rubbish, recycling and green waste deserve our gratitude for the job they do so well. 

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Redbridge Liberal Democrats for a Cycle-friendly Borough:

Following feedback on social media, we are very concerned that cycling in Redbridge is unsafe.
We need more safe cycle lanes and cycle-friendly routes across our borough!
An article by Dr. Mark Twitchett & Nat Pabla (Churchfields & South Woodford Liberal Democrats)
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World Environment Day (5/6/20)

World Environment Day (5th June, 2020) World Environment Day passed relatively unnoticed because of the understandably pressing issues relating to the coronavirus challenge and the 'Black Lives Matter' protests. Article by: Martin Rosner, Dr. Mark Twitchett & Gwyneth Deakins (Churchfields)
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Due to limited local party funds, please donate via this page.

In order to promote the Liberal Democrat cause here in Redbridge, we are largely dependent on donations as opposed to membership fee income. The primary source of funding will come to an end very soon.

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Local Democracy at Risk in Redbridge

Local democracy and public involvement are at risk because of the way that the Labour controlled Redbridge Council are running their business.

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