Lockdown in Redbridge (England)

'This is what Boris Johnson should have said at Saturday’s press conference'Comment by Martin Rosner (Churchfields).

I wish to apologise to all those living in England for failing to act on SAGE’s advice, at the end of September, to have an immediate two week lockdown to prevent the spread of the virus. I realise that my failure to act has resulted in many more people having to be admitted to hospital and many unnecessary deaths. I now realise that I should have acted on the advice from Sir Ed Davey and Sir Keir Starmer to put in place a circuit breaker to stop the spread of the virus. Furthermore, I now recognise that the only way to defeat the virus before we have a vaccine is to act quickly and decisively. Whilst I realise that there is a balance to be struck between the need to stop the spread of the virus and the needs of the economy, it is now clear that short sharp measures such as the ones taken in New Zealand are the best way to allow the economy to recover without unduly risking the lives of our citizens.

I promise to use the next month to ensure that we have an effective track and trace system in place once we come out of lockdown - and to ensure that rapid testing is available in schools and Colleges. Finally, I give an absolute commitment to ensure that all those adversely affected by the closure, directly and indirectly, will not lose their home because of a reduction in their income and that families in poverty will continue to receive free school meals (or the equivalent) whist this crisis lasts.”

Please contact us with you questions and concerns about the effects of coronavirus, both locally or nationally.

Martin Rosner (Churchfields Liberal Democrats): 01 November 2020

Dr. Mark Twitchett (Ed.)


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Dr. Mark Twitchett, Martin Rosner & Gwyneth Deakins: Churchfields Focus Team

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