Local Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes

How Can We Make Local Traffic Neighbourhood Schemes Effective? An article by Martin Rosner (Churchfields).


The recent local traffic neighbourhood scheme (LTNS) in Barkingside failed because of the inept way it was introduced by Labour-controlled Redbridge Council.

This failure shouldn’t be used to condemn all such schemes and prevent new schemes being introduced. Set out below is the Liberal Democrat’s six-point plan to make such schemes effective:

  1. Make clear to local residents the purpose of the scheme.

  2. Consult the residents affected. The Liberal Democrats plan to re-introduce Area Committees will ensure that, as part of a continuous dialogue with those affected, effective consultation can take place - leading to general agreement on desirable schemes, which can be implemented as soon as money becomes available. 

  3. Use them to block through-traffic, not local traffic movements. The aim of LTNSs should be to prevent rat runs. When well planned, this can be very successful for local neighbourhoods.

  4. Ensure that emergency services are consulted so that they are not slowed down by LTNSs.

  5. Ensure that local shops and businesses are not undermined. Well planned LTNSs can benefit local shops and businesses because the roads are safer for pedestrians.

  6. Ensure that the right type of LTNS is used. There are different ways of preventing through traffic and encouraging local pedestrian and cycling use. By consulting on the options, such schemes will be supported and not resisted.


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Best wishes, Martin.

Martin Rosner (Churchfields Liberal Democrats): 19 November 2020

Dr. Mark Twitchett (Ed.)


On behalf of:

Dr. Mark Twitchett, Martin Rosner & Gwyneth Deakins: Churchfields Focus Team

- Fighting for a fairer future & for more powers for the people of Redbridge -

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