An Ambitious £150bn Green Investment Proposal

The Liberal Democrats have unveiled an ambitious green Covid-19 recovery plan to invest £150bn in 'green projects' over three years: An article by Martin Rosner (Churchfields).

We have set out proposals to invest £150bn in green projects over three years as part of or plan to recover from Covid-19. This is something that simply cannot wait until the next general election.

Ed Davey, our interim leader, said there was “a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to both tackle potential mass unemployment due to Covid-19, and reshape the economy on more environmental lines.” Believing that the Government do not realise how urgent this is, he added: “You’ve got to have a very high level of ambition, and the way the government is talking about it, I’m not yet convinced their level of ambition is high enough,”

The plans include:

  • A green jobs guarantee, giving people training in new, environmental industries such as renewable energy, insulating homes and rewilding projects - paid at least the national living wage.

  • At least 80% of energy to be from renewable sources by 2030.

  • Proper insulation of homes just to meet existing targets.

  • Rewilding projects on areas such as tree-planting and peat bog restoration.

On the financial front, there would be:

  • A requirement for at least half of all Bank of England financing to go into green investment programmes.

  • A new system of government “climate bonds” to raise extra capital.

  • Tax incentives on savings and pensions for investing in green areas.

Locally, here in Redbridge, there is also much that can be done including introducing:

  • More comprehensive recycling arrangements.

  • More cycling routes, an issue which affects Churchfields as well as other parts of Redbridge.

  • An environmental impact assessment for all major projects and developments.

  • Increased tree planting activity across the Borough.

Please contact us with your views and suggestions: [email protected] Best wishes, Martin.

Martin Rosner (Churchfields Liberal Democrats): 30 June 2020

Dr. Mark Twitchett (Ed.)


On behalf of:

Dr. Mark Twitchett, Martin Rosner & Gwyneth Deakins: Churchfields Focus Team

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