Redbridge Liberal Democrats for a Cycle-friendly Borough:

Following feedback on social media, we are very concerned that cycling in Redbridge is unsafe.
We need more safe cycle lanes and cycle-friendly routes across our borough!
An article by Dr. Mark Twitchett & Nat Pabla (Churchfields & South Woodford Liberal Democrats)


A resident writes: “When I need to visit Churchfields, I’d like to feel safer cycling there. Actually Redbridge as a whole (Wanstead, South Woodford and Woodford, in particular) is not cycle-friendly.”

Another resident, although acknowledging that cycling improvements have been long under consideration, concludes that the council has been “very late to the party”. He was unsure as to the council's true commitment and questioned whether they were being held to account. We, the Redbridge Liberal Democrats will continue to advocate for resident cyclists - and for those visiting the borough - as part of our commitment to a broader 'Green Agenda'.

Finally, another local commentator observes that he had not seen one new piece of cycling infrastructure on his travels around Woodford, South Woodford, Wanstead & Gants Hill. He asks: “Are Redbridge taking alternative transportation seriously or is it back to the car and tube?” We are committed to reducing car usage, favouring public transport & cycling. We are disappointed that Redbridge Council has been so slow and half-hearted in its approach in stark contrast to other boroughs, such as Waltham Forest. We need more safe cycle lanes and cycle-friendly routes across our borough. Working for you, bringing Liberal Democrat councillors to Redbridge in 2022 - holding the council to account.


Dr. Mark Twitchett & Nat Pabla: Churchfields & South Woodford Liberal Democrats

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