Making the Evergreen Field ever ours


Wanstead Lib Dems Scott Wilding, Neil Hepworth and Crispin Acton want Redbridge Council to buy Evergreen Field for the community.  

Since 1967, this piece of land has languished as developers’ plans to convert the space into residential use met staunch resistance from the community and failed to overcome planning protections. How could this unsightly home to rats and litter be turned into valued community space? 

In 2013 the Wanstead Society secured planning approval for a scheme to transform it into a community meadow, surrounded by woodland. But the Wanstead Society does not own the land so nothing happened. The Council could issue a Compulsory Purchase Order and buy the land, but as we know, it is under huge financial pressure already. So should we give up? No. One idea we would support is setting up a community fund to purchase the land. Income from the new café kiosk would go there, not into the council’s pocket. Crowd funding could also play a part. Ambitious, yes, but certainly not impossible.

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