Chigwell Road Petition

The introduction of the black bins, whilst having the aim of increasing recycling, will not achieve that aim if people cannot recycle more because the range of items accepted at kerbside is so limited, and green waste collections are infrequent.  Refusal to empty the black bins because of trivial breaks of the 'rules' also increases the likelihood of fly-tipping. The queues for the Chigwell Road tip are another disincentive for residents to dispose of their rubbish responsibly.
Redbridge's recycling performance is woeful.  Action is needed urgently to improve it.
The measures could include: 
  1. Admit more customers at any one time
  2. Consider the use of a bookable timed entry system
  3. Implement traffic controls in Chigwell Rd to avoid queues onto Charlie Brown's Roundabout 
  4. Have more frequent green waste collections 
  5. Exercise more discretion over the collections from black bins
  6. Increase the type of items that can be put into kerbside recycling collections
  7. Employ more staff in the centre to help people move through more quickly
  8. Modernise the centre which is too small for the amount of use it gets.


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