A level Results – A Complete and Utter Shambles

We were promised a fair and transparent process for determining A level grades in the absence of exams. Instead we got the complete opposite. An article by Martin Rosner (Churchfields).


The grade outcomes that have been announced are simply unbelievable, which suggests incompetence or worse at the highest possible level. The complacency of the Prime Minister, the Education Secretary and the body that overseas examination outcomes (OFQUAL) - and their subsequent refusal to admit that they got it wrong - is a national scandal.

Three criteria were supposed to be used to determine grades: teacher assessment, three year trends and 'past value added'. Taking into account these factors, there is a College not far from Redbridge that should have done broadly the same - or slightly better - than last year. Instead, many of the results are significantly worse.

These outcomes could well affect the life chances of many thousands of highly committed and dedicated students. The appeals process is unclear and very limiting. The change to allow mock exam results to be selected might help some students - but is of little or no use in most cases.

We demand the following:

  • Immediate action to put things right, perhaps along the lines of the actions of our Scottish colleagues

  • An immediate review of results from schools and colleges where the outcomes are lower than expected based on three year trends

  • A pledge from universities that they will honour predicted grades in confirming offers

  • A longer, more thorough and wide-ranging review to find out how they got it so wrong

Incidentally, you won’t hear much news about vocational qualification outcomes. This is because the awarding bodies have broadly accepted the teacher assessed grades.

Martin Rosner: 13 August 2020

Dr. Mark Twitchett (Ed.)

Martin Rosner, Dr. Mark Twitchett & Gwyneth Deakins: Your Churchfields Focus Team

- Fighting for a fairer future & for more powers for the people of Redbridge -




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