Election 2019: A message from your Membership Secretary (Elect):

  I would like to thank our members &supporters wholeheartedly for your support over this past year. As the festive season approaches - itself a time of reflection, I would like to point out the more positive aspects of the recent election results: - The Liberal Democrat share of the vote na...

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Why I have switched Party and why you, too, should vote for the Liberal Democrats: By Martin Rosner

    I joined the Labour Party in my teens and stayed with them through good times and bad until Corbyn was elected Leader in September 2015. Upon his election, I immediately resigned because I knew, even then, that the Labour Party would no longer be a party that I could ever support. I was full...

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The Impact of the labour Party’s Proposals on Ordinary Working People: By Martin Rosner

  The Liberal Democrats have proposed a range of measures that will benefit families and ordinary working people, have been properly costed and are affordable. The Tories have ignored the impact of Brexit on their proposals and they do not go far enough to address the worst aspects of austerity....

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The Remain Option

Mark Johnson, our candidate in Ilford North, says the upcoming General Election leaves voters with two choices: to vote for parties that would see us crash out of the EU or to vote for one that would stop what would undoubtedly be a damaging step for our country.

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The Only Voice of Remain

Now that the election has been called people in Chingford and Woodford Green are asking our parliamentary candidate, Geoff Seeff, why the LibDems won’t stand down and give Labour a clear run at the obsessed Tory Brexiteer that is the present incumbent of the seat. Here he gives 6 very good reasons:-

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